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Smoke & Mirrors


Caroline Blake is a young journalist with a past almost as cryptic as her future. After leaving the home she and her aunt once shared together, she finds herself in a new town, seeking a job at an up-and-coming newspaper run by women, a scandalous affair in an era determined to keep their voices silent. She's charmed by this quaint little village tucked between rolling hills, but she soon discovers there is a mystery lurking in the shadows.  At her new job, she is given the opportunity to report one of the town's grandest events: The Harvest Festival at Ashdown Manor. However, the job carries more weight than it appears, as it will be the first time the family has opened the castle's doors for the festival in almost three decades. None of her colleagues wish to go anywhere near the manor, but Caroline can't help but feel drawn to it. As part of her assignment, she will stay in the manor for the season and report anything she can about the mysterious Ashdown family, their upcoming festival, and what caused the tragedy that led them to close their doors all those years ago. Caroline is soon sucked into a world of generational secrets, unsettling mysteries, and unexpected romance.  Will she be able to bring the truth to light? Will she figure out the town's mysteries before it's too late?  Amidst all the uncertainty, there is one thing for sure:

in the shadows, nothing is ever what it seems.

Light in Hades


Correlia of Olympus was "gifted" with the responsibility of becoming Persephone, the goddess of nature and spring. As every Great One is told, she needs to follow the path appointed to her or the world will be off-balance. With the secrets of her past locked tightly away, Correlia lives a humble, sheltered life. That is until she meets Theron, the infamous Hades-to-be. As she finds herself falling in love with the god of the Underworld, she starts to question everything. Even her destiny.

"There are fewer things more satisfying than getting completely engrossed in a book." 

- Elise Nelson

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